1.1 Business Philosophy

1.1.1 Customer-Oriented

  • Serving customers is the only reason for the existence of WINSHINE. Customer demand is the impetus behind the development of WINSHINE;
  • Committed to good quality, excellent service, low cost and the priority to meet customer needs, enhance customer competitiveness and boost profitability;
  • Continuously make changes to management, maintain highly efficient operation, and ensure the quality of products delivered;
  • Grow together with our business partners and competitors, to create a better future and share the benefits of the value chain.

1.1.2 Put hard-working People First

1.1.3 Continuously Create Value

1.1.4 To Grow Steadily, Step by Step

1.1.5 Based on the Long Term

1.2 Vision

1.2.1 Core Concept: Exceed Customer Expectations

1.2.2 Core Value

  • Devote ourselves to create value for our customers, to reciprocate for our shareholders and staff and to create benefit for the society.
  • To pursuit excellence in achievement and contribution.
  • Maintain honesty and integrity in all business activities.
  • Reach the Goal by Teamwork
  • Focus on Speed and Flexibility

1.2.3 Core Mission: Make Technological contributions to human development and progress

1.2.4 Future prospects: to become the world’s leading company

1.2.5 Vision

We are a professional manufacturer in the business of power supply products. Our goal is to become the industry leader.

In order to achieve this vision, we need to do-

  • Continuously study professional technology, improve product research and development ability, and manufacturing level, always provide customers with products to meet their needs and excellent after-sales service.
  • Show “reliable quality”, become the brand of excellent product quality, stable and rapid development of our business, realize the scale effect, improve efficiency, realize the industry first-class profit level.
  • Establish the brand, become the industry’s most famous and most trusted enterprise, has the industry’s most outstanding professional and management personnel, and to provide the best development space and the most competitive remuneration.
  • Establish the image of excellent emerging enterprise by the management behavior of good faith and rationality.
  • Provide investors with ideal rewards.

1.3 Product Strategy

1.3.1 R&D, Production and Sales of electronic power transformers and other power supply products.

1.4 Quality Policy

1.4.1 Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of WINSHINE’s survival and the reason for customers to choose WINSHINE.

1.4.2 We incorporate customer requirements and expectations into the entire value chain and contribute to quality system together.

1.4.3 We respect the rules and do things right the first time; we fulfill the potential of our employees and continually improve their ability.

1.4.4 We work with our customers to balance opportunities and risks, respond quickly to their needs and achieve sustainable development;

1.4.5 WINSHINE is committed to providing customers with high quality products, services and power supply solutions, and continuously let customers experience the value we have been creating.