If you are travelling or moving to another country whose voltage is not the same as your home country, or your electrical appliances or electronics are incompatible with the voltage at your home, then a voltage converter comes into play.

Voltage converters (sometimes they are called voltage transformers) are divided into two types: step up voltage converters and step down converters. As its name implies, these devices are used to convert voltage up and down, making it possible to use electric or electronic appliances that require a voltage that you don’t have available. Attempting to use a appliance at a higher or lower voltage than it was designed to be used at tends to be dangerous, damage your device and result in fire as well as personal injury.

Choose the Right Voltage Converter  

Step-up Voltage Converters: Used by people from 220/240 volt countries (most European countries ) who travel to 110v countries like the United States with their electronics and appliances. Likewise, a step-down voltage converter is used by those who stay in 220/240V countries with their 110v devices.

Dual-Purpose Step-up and Step-down Voltage Converters

Some people would like to step the voltage up and down on one single device. There are dual-purpose voltage converter to get it done.

There are Occasions When You May Not Need a Voltage Converter

Not all electronics and appliances require a voltage converter. you may be able to get by with just a simple plug adapter.

A plug adapter will enable you to use your appliances without the need to convert voltage, but the charger has to be rated at both voltages. If your device doesn’t support dual voltages, you’ll still need a converter. You check the print on your charger to find out if it supports both voltages.

Your charger should tell you whether it’s able to work at both voltages. Check the print on your charger and if it reads like “Input 100 to 240V AC”, that means you can use your devices at both voltages with using a step up step down converter. What’s left to you is look for the right plug adapter according to the country you are going to.