This toroidal inverter transformers are often used to convert the power from battery to commercial power.

Applied in UPS power supply, solar energy inverter, variable frequency power supply and backup power supply

Product Features

  • Long life
  • Energy conserving
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Temperature Operation
  • No Radiation, no noise
  • High standard, high quality
  • Over temperature protection, over-current protection

Electrical characteristic

  • Full Loading Power: 500W, 1000W(Max)
  • Input Voltage: AC0-19-0-19V±10%
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz(45-60Hz general use)
  • Output Voltage: AC220+38V±2%
  • Full loading current: 2.54A(500W),0.5A+4.4A(1000W)
  • No load iron loss: ≤6W
  • Hi-pot test: Pri-Sec: DC2500V
  • Insulation Resistance: Pri-Sec: ≥500MΩ
  • Dimension: 149*41*70MM(500W)/164*52*75MM(1000W)