Step Up Step Down Transformer

Step up step down transformers are one of the important units that effectively change the electrical voltage to a different value for meeting the individual needs of the power consumers. By means of electromagnetic induction, step up step down transformers increase or decrease the voltage of AC for the safe consumption of industrial, commercial or domestic users. Winshine designs step up step down transformers in varied specifications.

Winshine is working on operational efficiency, durability and capability to withstand extreme temperature ranges when manufacturing step up and step down transformers and designing them according to customers’ required specifications.


step up transformer

Features about step up voltage transformers

A step up transformer converts low voltage and high current to high voltage and low current.

  • Voltage: Low input voltage to high output voltage
  • Winding: Secondary winding has the high voltage winding
  • Current: Low Current on the secondary winding
  • Rating of Output Voltage: 11000 volts or above

step down transformer

Features about step down voltage transformers

  • A step down transformer is designed to convert high voltage low current to low voltage high current.
  • Voltage: High input voltage to low output voltage
  • Winding: Primary winding with high voltage winding
  • Current: Secondary winding with high current
  • Rating of Output Voltage: 110v, 24v, 20v, 10v, etc.

Step up & step down transformers by Winshine

Winshine uses high-quality ferrite cores, reliable epoxy-based insulation systems, premium bobbins and magnetic wires to produce step up and step down voltage transformers that have the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and pressure differentials.

  • Reliable units for safe transmission of power
  • Strong construction
  • Comply with high standards
  • Enable wide customization
  • Laminated to reduce eddy current losses
  • No copper losses and iron losses

Applications of step up step down transformers

  • Power Plants (110V to 220V conversion and 220V to 110V conversion)
  • Providing 1:1 Isolation
  • Substations
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Rectifier Circuits
  • Inverters
  • Medical Equipment
  • PCB Circuit Modules
  • Doorbells
  • TV Sets
  • Refrigerators
  • Musical/entertainment

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