PCB Mount Toroidal Transformer

PCB Mount Toroidal Transformer

Features of PCB Mount Toroids

  • Clean Precision Manufacturing: Fully encapsulated and environmentally sealed transformer assemblies with pinned bases can plug directly into your boards for soldering.
  • Magnetic Consistency and High Repeatability – PCB mounts ensure the locations are fixed for current carrying components. Precise, consistent, and repeatable placement of current carrying conductors in your product can simplify board layouts, as well as get rid of problems related to interaction between routed lead wires and sensitive proximate circuit components.
  • Additional Mechanical Support: Five screw holes are included if additional mechanical support is needed.
  • Eliminates External Lead-Dressing Components and reduce product cost.
  • Low leakage losses
  • Low profile
  • Great for instrumentation and digital applications

These PCB mount toroidal transformers work well in the power range from 20 – 160 VA. Contact WINSHINE to get custom transformer in terms of size ranges, pins out and dimension on cases.


Specifications and Electric Ratings of PCB Mount Toroidal Transformers

  • PCB mount toroids are designed for triple output power applications. The units are fully encapsulated and sealed with pinned bases for circuit board mount and flow soldering. This enables quick assembly. Each case comes with five mounting holes for sturdy and flexible mechanical assembly.
  • High silicon steel are used to achieve high electrical efficiency, low temperature rise and low external magnetic field.
  • Insulation Primary to secondary: Polyester tape. Class B (130° C.), four layers minimum. Meets high potential voltage test requirement of >4 kV for 1 minute.
  • Temperature Rise: Maximum 40° C.
  • Case: The case material is black Polyamide 6, UL certified 94HB, class B.
Power Output Rated DC Current Off Load AC Loaded AC Maximum AC Current Efficiency
20VA 5 VDC/±15 or ±12 VDC 0.98 A/2×0.19 A 11.76 VAC/2×21.72 VAC 9.34 VAC/2×17.95 VAC 1.19A/2×0.21 A 78% at 32°C temperature rise
40VA 5 VDC/±15 or ±12 VDC 1.85 A/2×0.38 A 11.59 VAC/2×21.40 VAC 9.38 VAC/2×17.90 VAC 2.30A/2×0.42 A 80% at 43°C temperature rise
60VA 5 VDC/±15 or ±12 VDC 2.56 A/2×0.65 A 11.41VAC/2×20.05 VAC 9.45 VAC/2×17.80 VAC 3.22A/2×0.70A 83% at 45°C temperature rise
120VA 5 VDC/±15 or ±12 VDC 5.12 A/2x1.30 A 10.91VAC/2x19.71 VAC 9.51 VAC/2×17.70 VAC 6.44A/2x1.40 A 87% at 46°C temperature rise