SP Series_277VAC Constant voltage

Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers SP Series-277V ,Single Channel Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers are the compatible power source for applications using MLV (Magnetic low-voltage) dimmer that switches to control 12V and 24V LED lights. Please see the product page to view a complete list of compatible MLV dimming systems.


Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers SP Series_277VAC Constant voltage

led driver power supply

Model No.

Wattage Input Output    Class 2
SP150S12DC-277 150W 277VAC 12VDC
SP150S24DC-277 150W 277VAC 24VDC
SP200S12DC-277 200W 277VAC 12VDC
SP200S24DC-277 200W 277VAC 24VDC
SP300S12DC-277 300W 277VAC 12VDC
SP300S24DC-277 300W 277VAC 24VDC
SP600S24DC-277 600W 277VAC 24VDC

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