Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers MDC Series

Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers MDC Series, Stainless steel enclosure, Single Channel Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers are the compatible power source for applications using MLV (Magnetic low-voltage) dimmer that switches to control 12V and 24V LED lights. Please see the product page to view a complete list of compatible MLV dimming systems.


Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers MDC Series-Stainless steel enclosure

Model No. Wattage Input Output Class 2
PM10S12DC-S 10W 120VAC 12VDC YES
PM10S24DC-S 10W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM20S12DC-S 20W 120VAC 12VDC YES
PM20S24DC-S 20W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM35S12DC-S 35W 120VAC 12VDC YES
PM35S24DC-S 35W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM40S12DC-S 40W 120VAC 12VDC YES
PM40S24DC-S 40W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM50S12DC-S 50W 120VAC 12VDC YES
PM50S24DC-S 50W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM60S12DC-S 60W 120VAC 12VDC YES
PM60S24DC-S 60W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM75S12DC-S 75W 120VAC 12VDC
PM75S24DC-S 75W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM96S12DC-S 96W 120VAC 12VDC
PM96S24DC-S 96W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM100S12DC-S 100W 120VAC 12VDC
PM100S24DC-S 100W 120VAC 24VDC YES
PM150S12DC-S 150W 120VAC 12VDC
PM150S24DC-S 150W 120VAC 24VDC
PM200S12DC-S 200W 120VAC 12VDC
PM200S24DC-S 200W 120VAC 24VDC
PM250S12DC-S 250W 120VAC 12VDC
PM250S24DC-S 250W 120VAC 24VDC
PM300S12DC-S 300W 120VAC 12VDC
PM300S24DC-S 300W 120VAC 24VDC
PM600S12DC-S 600W 120VAC 12VDC
PM600S24DC-S 600W 120VAC 24VDC

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