Specifications of Instrument Toroidal Transformer

Power Input Voltage Load Voltage/Current Frequency
20VA 220V or customized 5V/0.2A 15V-0-15V/0.65A Low Frequency
50VA 220V or customized 22V-0-22V/1.0A, 6.3V-0-6.3V/ 0.5A Low Frequency
150VA 220V or customized 21.8V/3A, 28.7V/3A Low Frequency
180VA  220V or customized 18.5V/10.0A Low Frequency
500VA  220V or customized 2V-0-12/1.0A 35V-0-35V/ 6.8A Low Frequency

Note: 10VA-10KVA can be customized according to customers’ requirements

Installation Structure