EI Type Transformer Parameters

EI Type Transformer Parameters

EI transformer adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet that features low consumption, high output power, high efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise, stable performance, over-voltage and overload protection. They are widely used in a variety of applications such as air conditioning, VCD, audio, power amplifiers and other instruments.

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Output Power (VA) Model Dimensions (L*H*W) Insulation Class
0.5-1.2 EI-28 28*27*35 B
1.2-3.0 EI-35 35*30*35 B
3.0-10 EI-41 41*35*48 B
10-20 EI-48 48*40*55 B
20-50 EI-57 57*50*65 B
50-80 EI-66 66*57*80 B
80-100 EI-76 76*65*85 B
100-150 EI-86 86*72*88 B
120-220 EI-96 96*82*100 B
220-400 EI-114 114*97*130 B
400-600 EI-133 133*112*140 B