EI 28 Transformer

EI 28 Transformer

EI 28 transformer is a low frequency transformer. There is no difference between low and high frequency transformers in principle except that different cores are used to achieve different frequency.  Low frequency transformers generally use high permeability silicon steel sheet while high frequency transformers ferric core.

EI 28 transformer adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet that features low consumption, high output power, high efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise and stable performance. EI 28 power transformers are mostly applied in the switching power supply, main power transformer.

The size of our EI linear power transformers are from EI-28 to EI-114. We use good silicon sheet and good copper wire.


EI 28 Transformer Specs

EI28 Transformers are used to spread the signal voltage and signal power. They can also achieve the impedance matching between circuit and has the isolation effect on DC.


  • High quality silicon steel sheet with low consumption
  • Low consumption without load
  • High output power
  • High efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise
  • The performance is stable and durable


  • Information communication power supply
  • LED lighting
  • Air-condition
  • VCD, DVD, Blu-ray Player
  • Audio power amplifier
  • Instrumentation& equipment
  • All kinds of household appliances, etc
Core Specifications Output Power Reference Size (unit: mm) Installation
EI-28×11.5 0.3VA-1.0VA 29.0 40.0 49.0 25.4 27.0 Φ3.5×5.0 Picture A
27.0 38.0 46.5 25.4 30.3 Φ3.5×5.0 Picture B

EI-28 Linear Power Transformer

1. The Specifications above are commonly used and can be customized on request.
2. Above dimensions are for reference. The samples shall prevail.
3. Some products’ holder has a “V” type and the center distance can be customized on request.