Control Power Transformer

Control power transformers features stability and quality. These transformers are engineered to convert high voltage to low voltage, which enable them to be used with switch components or controls of various machinery. As a control transformer is a kind of step down transformer, it allows for easy, efficient and quick voltage conversion for various applications. Control transformers also have the ability to segregate control circuits from lighting or power circuits.

Please email us about your detailed information of customized control transformer and we will design and manufacture as per your specific requirements.


Features of Control Power Transformer

  • Single or multiple outputs
  • High Voltage Isolation
  • Flying leads

Construction and Design of Control Power Transformer

Laminated core transformers

  • 50/60/400Hz
  • Bobbin wound
  • Layer wound isolation
  • Multi-section isolation
  • 130C, 155C or 200C temperature class materials

Switching transformers

  • Higher frequencies, 10Khz – 250Khz
  • Ferrite cores
  • Multiple core geometries
  • Split and multi-tap windings

Main Application of Control Transformer

  • Relays
  • Timers
  • Solenoids
  • Contactors
  • Motor Starter Buttons
  • Industrial Starter Circuits
  • Control Room Push Buttons
  • Machine Tool Control Devices
  • OEM Electrical Equipment
  • AC Motor Starter Coils
  • Industrial Machinery Indicator Lamps
  • Electrical Distribution Systems

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