Bosch GAL1830W

Bosch GAL1830W

Part no. : 1600A004ZW
Barcode : 3165140818469

Bosch AL1830W 18v Wireless Induction Charger and Docking Frame Kit – GAL 1830 W


Bosch AL1830W 18v Wireless Charger and Docking Frame Kit – GAL 1830 W

Changing batteries is now a thing of the past. Here is the future: Wireless Charging, the world first from Bosch.

Worldwide unique induction charging station. Simply place the cordless tool on the charger during breaks to charge it. With the introduction of the “Wireless Charging System” Bosch presents the latest development in charging technology. The basis of this technology, is a contact-less energy transfer: a transmitter using a coil an alternating magnetic field is generated. The receiver also contains a coil. This is permeated by the magnetic alternating field. Thus, a voltage is induced and generated a current flow.

Features and Benefits:

  • The tool is always ready to use with only one battery
  • Saves time, space and weight: no second battery required
  • Long life: short charging processes do not strain the battery (Care Charging)
  • Charge wireless batteries anytime and anywhere, without having to remove them from the tool, always be power ready
  • Unique cool pack design offers advanced heat conductive housing to keep battery cooler to live up to two times longer
  • Integrated battery fuel gauge for fast and easy charge status
  • Easy access customizable charging and storage solution mounts to any flat surface

Technical Specification:

Compatible with – WCBAT612
Battery Voltage – 18v
Model Number – AL1830
Used on Model No. – Bosch Wireless Charging 18V Lithium-ion Batteries

Supplied With:

WC18C Wireless Battery Charger
WC18F Wireless Charger Frame