Bosch 1600A00J0E

Bosch 1600A00J0E

Part no. : 1600A00J0E
Barcode : 3165140859455

Bosch 1600A00J0E BLUE Wireless Li-Ion battery 10.8V is lightweight and compact and fully compatible with all the 10.8V tool range.


Bosch 1600A00J0E 2.5 Ah BLUE Wireless Li-Ion battery 10.8V

Always power ready – with compact and lightweight tools.

The Bosch GBA 10.8V OW-B wireless battery is lightweight, and practical. You can work continuously with one battery. In the past with the conventional charging system you had to charge the batteries and carry the empty battery, charge on the charger and go back to the workstation. Now, with the wireless charging you can carry on working and charging at the same time. The GBA 10.8V 2.5Ah Wireless charging battery is fully compatible with the GAL 1830W charger. The wireless charging system do not require contact as charging power transmitted wirelessly. There are no openings in charger housing, this way it is water and dust resistant.

The GBA 10.8 V 2.5 Ah Wireless charging battery is lightweight and compact and fully compatible with all the 10.8 V tool range. It provides premium run time, 25% more compared to the 2.0 Ah batteries. It is always power ready, 100% compatible to all Bosch Blue Li-Ion tools and chargers within the 10.8V class. Thanks to the new wider base design the 10.8V tool stands upright.The wireless charger fits to wireless charger, to wireless frame and to wireless charging bay. For maximum performance of high capacity cells it features single cell monitoring.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless charging ready.
  • Upright standing position.
  • Part of the 10.8V system.
  • Lightweight.

Technical Specification:

Battery voltage – 10,8V
Battery capacity – 2,5Ah
Weight – 420g
Charging time with GAL 1830W – 80% in 45 minutes, 100% in 65 minutes.