Auto Transformer

Auto Transformer

Auto transformers only have a single winding and an input and output circuit. Common to both circuits, the winding has at least three electrical connection points known as taps. The voltage source and the load are both connected to two of the taps. One tap at the end of the winding serves as a common connection to the source and the load circuits.

Other types of auto transformers include step down transformer, step up transformer and zig zag transformer. Winshine has the capability to design and manufacturer auto transformer as per your specific needs.


Advantages of Auto Transformer

  • smaller and lighter than the dual-winding transformer
  • lower leakage reactance
  • lower losses
  • lower excitation current
  • increased VA rating for a given size and mass.

However, the lack of electric isolation between primary and secondary circuits can be a limitation for auto transformer.

Typical applications for Auto Transformer
Auto transformer can be found in many applications such as automotive, commercial, power transmission, electronics, telecommunications and marine industries. An example of an application of an auto transformer is one style of traveler’s voltage converter, that allows 230 volt devices to be used on 120 volt supply circuits, or the reverse. An auto transformer with multiple taps may be applied to adjust voltage at the end of a long distribution circuit to correct for excess voltage drop.

  • Use as voltage regulators
  • speaker adapters
  • interconnect systems
  • impedance matching
  • motor starters and boosters
  • static balancers

Operation of Auto transformer

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