Audio transformers are designed to operate within the audio band of frequencies and as such can have applications in the input stage (microphones), output stage (loudspeakers), inter-stage coupling as well as impedance matching of amplifiers.

One of the main applications for audio frequency transformers is in impedance matching. Audio transformers are ideal for balancing amplifiers and loads together that have different input/output impedances in order to achieve maximum power transfer.

Audio and impedance matching transformers are similar in design to low frequency voltage and power transformer, but they operate over a much wider frequency range of frequencies. For example, 20Hz to 20kHz voice range. Audio transformers can also conduct DC in one or more of their windings for use in digital audio applications as well as transforming voltage and current levels at high frequency.

Specifications of Audio Amplifier Transformer

  • Input voltage: AC100-240V
  • Output voltage: DC3V-12V, 3V-36VAC
  • Current: AC 0.5A-2A
  • Frequency: 50/HZ-60/HZ
  • Iron Core: EI
  • Power: 5W-20W

Customized Specs for Amplifier Transformers are available. Please contact us about your requirements.