input voltage:Three phase 660V 480v 380V 220V 200V(any voltage can be customized)

ambient temperature:-25℃-+45℃

output voltage:Three phase 415V 380V 220V 200V(any voltage can be customized)



relative humidity:<90%

Waveform distortion:No additional waveform distortion

The installation site shall be free of gas vapor, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect transformer insulation

function:With input voltage and output voltage indication (refer to products with chassis)

protect:With overcurrent protection, it can work unattended for a long time

insulation resistance:≥50M

Electrical strength

The power frequency sinusoidal voltage is 2000V and lasts for 1 minute without breakdown and flashover

Any special use conditions that do not meet the above provisions shall be determined by the user and our factory through negotiation

Overload capacity:Double the rated current for 1 minute