Switch Mode Transformers

OEM ODM manufacturer of high frequency & switch mode power transformers with frequencies up to 200 kHz. Types of switch-mode transformers include: EE, EF, RM, EPC, EI, ETD, EFD, ERL, Pot core, PQ,  EQ and other customized series. Horizontal or vertical PCB mount and bracket mounting configurations are also available.

Production scale: 1988 to begin production of high frequency transformers, mainly the production of seven types: EE (10-55) /ERL (28-49) /RM (6-14) /PQ (20-50) /UU (9.8-16)/ER(25-49)/EFD(20-30); the monthly production capacity of approximately 7 million.

Applications: switching power supplies, chargers, alarm system, TV/CRT monitor displays, UPS, audio/visual equipment, inverters, electrical. medical, communication, VCD/DVD players, etc

All of WINSHINE’S high frequency transformers are RoHS compliant and meets CSA, UL & TuV to IEC 60950-1 standards. We customize high frequency transformers as per our clients’ specifications.