advantages of toroidal transformers

Toroidal transformers features doughnut-shaped ferromagnetic cores, around which wire is wound. These ring transformers can be found in a wide range of applications like amplifiers, power supplies, inverters and more. In some cases, these circular transformers are doing better than conventional transformers for a variety of reasons.

Small size and light weight

Toroidal transformers require least amount of material, which allows a reduction in size and weight by up to 50% without reducing their performance, as compared with conventional transformers, making it ideal for compact power supplies and other electrical products. What’s more, the winding are symmetrically distributed over the core, eliminating mechanical hum.

Easy to mount

Unlike other standard transformers, to mount a toroidal transformer, you only need one screw and a single center bolt,  or just completely encapsulate it in plastic or metal housings. This leads to much shorter time and easier mounting, thus reducing assembly time, maintenance and downtime.

High efficiency

The efficiency of toroid core transformers are generally between 90-95%, as compared to the efficiency of other transformers which is normally below 90%. This high efficiency is attributed to the high quality grain oriented steel and the symmetrically spread windings over the core. Toroidal transformers really do a great job in reducing the losses between windings and core.

Low mechanical hum and low noise

Audible hum is caused by vibration of the windings and core layers because of the forces between coil turns and core laminations. But the nature of the toroidal transformer’s construction helps reduce audible hum and let your ring transformers run quietly due to an absence of air gaps. The core is tightly wound onto a mandrel, spot welded, annealed, and coated with epoxy resin, leaving with no space for air gaps and free from discontinuities, holes and clamps

low mechanical hum

low mechanical hum

Low magnetic field

Toroids only give out 1/10 of the magnetic field that other transformer radiate. Less magnetic interference in toroids results in higher performance, making these transformers highly suitable for applications in sensitive electronic equipment like medical equipment, CRTs, and low level amplifiers.

Low magnetic field

Low magnetic field

Low operating temperature

Toroidal transformers can operate at lower temperatures than other standard transformers with similar specifications.

All of the above characteristics make toroidal transformers useful for a wide array of machines such as audio/visual equipment, security systems, telecommunication systems, industrial control equipment and power distribution equipment.