• Product name: EI41 series class Ⅱ transformer
  • Product model: YL-41-vvvwwwB
  • Output current: 200-1500mA
  • Output voltage: AC3.0-24.0V
  • Power:


Linear power transformer

EI41 series class II transformer


Model: YL-41-vvvwwwB (vvv=voltage, www=current, B=transformer)



Safety Approval:                                                                         



Safety Standard:

GB19212.1-2003, GB19212.7-2006


Electrical performance:

Use: Widely be used in SPC exchanges, air-conditioner, microwave owen, rice cooker, TV box, audio system, lighting, network device, DVD, and other electronics field.

Input voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50Hz

Output: AC3.0-24.0V, 200-1500mA

Efficiency rate: >65%

Standby power: 0.50W max (if requested)


Environment characteristics:

Operating temperature:-10℃-60℃

Storage temp:-10℃-80℃

Humidity: 5-95% non condensing

Dielectric strength (Vrms): P-S, 3750Vrms

Insulation class: Class B


External data:

Weight Ref 220g

Size: L*W*H=43.0*45.0*37.0mm